This is a modular programme that allows in-service personnels, engineers and others from Government organizations to attend particular sections of the course. The Capacity Development Programme in Built Heritage Studies and Conservation is ideal for contractors, artisans, construction workers who are engaged with conservation, and persons with experience of heritage conservation works. It also forms an attractive intellectual foundation for senior students or internship candidates of Architecture, Planning, Civil and Structural Engineering who demonstrate a strong desire to work in the field of conservation. The course is also open to individuals who are enthusiastic to learn about conservation and the various processes that go into it.

Each module will be of a five day (40 hours) duration and will be conducted by a module director with a designated team of experts and resource persons. Each module will have dedicated course material and elaborate reference archives.

Participants will be given participation certificates for attending individual modules. A diploma will be jointly awarded by the MMR-HCS, the CSMVS and Sir J.J. College of Architecture to participants who successfully complete all five modules. The mobilization of experts from all over India and the in-house expertise of each of the three institutions will help create a forum for exchange of ideas and comprehensive discussions on various issues related to conservation of built heritage.

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