At the Museum you can spend the day among world class art objects and can participate in fun-n-learn activity

Visiting Hours and Admission

Ticket Rates (w.e.f. 01.02.2023)

Category / श्रेणी Museum Entry With Audio Guide
Indian Adult Visitor (above 15 years of age)

भारतीय प्रौढ दर्शक (वय वर्ष १५ वरील)

Rs 150/- Rs 200/-
Defence Personnel / Indian Senior Citizens (with Service ID card)

संरक्षण दलाचे कर्मचारी / भारतीय ज्येष्ठ नागरिक (वैध ओळखपत्रासह) 

Rs 100/- Rs 150/-
College Student (with valid ID card)

भारतीय महाविद्यालयीन विद्यार्थी (वैध ओळखपत्रासह)

Rs 75/- Rs 125/-
Group Indian Visitors (15 and more)

भारतीय समूह दर्शक (१५ आणि अधिक)

Rs 110/-
Children (5-15 years)

भारतीय मुले (५-१५ वर्ष या वयोगटातील)

Rs 35/-
Students (through school upto 10th Std.)

शाळेतर्फे येणारे ई. १० वी पर्यंतचे विद्यार्थी

Rs 35/-
Foreign Adult Visitor (above 15 years of age)

परदेशी प्रौढ दर्शक (वय वर्ष १५ वरील)

Rs 700/- Complimentary
Foreign Child Visitor (upto 15 years of age)

परदेशी मुले (५-१५ वर्ष या वयोगटातील)

Rs 200/- Complimentary
Audio Guide (Domestic Visitors)

ऑडिओ गाईड (भारतीय दर्शक)

Rs. 75/-

Camera Passes*

कॅमेरा पास

Handheld camera without tripod

ट्रायपॉड शिवाय कॅमेरा

₹ 200
Video camera

व्हिडिओ कॅमेरा

₹ 5000

Timings –

Monday to Sunday 10.15 am to 6.00 pm. The Museum ticket-counter will close at 5.45 pm
Museum is closed to visitors on the following days-

  • January 26 – Republic Day
  • May 1 – Maharashtra Day
  • August 15 – Independence Day
  • October 2 – Gandhi Jayanti

    Floorplan of the Museum


    Galleries in the second floor of the Heritage wing of the Museum are closed to visitors due to building conservation work

    While in the Museum

    We want everyone to enjoy their time in the galleries. In order for us to create the best possible environment, we need your cooperation with the following:

    • Please follow the instructions of security guards and other CSMVS staff.
    • Please do not consume food or drink in the galleries.
    • Please do not litter or spit anywhere in the Museum campus.
    • Please respect the rights of other visitors to quiet contemplation and study.
    • Please do not touch the works of art on display or showcases or lean against them. Even clean hands can damage surfaces.
    • The use of ink pens, permanent markers, charcoal, pastels, and watercolour or oil paint is not allowed in the galleries.
    • Selfie-sticks are not allowed in the Museum
    • Commercial photography & professional video shooting requires prior permission from Museum authorities.
    • Ammunitions, sharp materials, inflammable items, tobacco products, liquor, are prohibited inside the museum campus.
    • Smoking and Vaping is not permitted anywhere in the Museum campus.
    • Laptop bags, backpacks, large bags and luggage have to be deposited in the Luggage counter near the entrance of the Museum.

    For any queries, kindly contact the Information Centre on the ground floor of the Heritage Wing.

    For Schools :

  • Schoolbags will have to be kept in the bus.
  • Please ensure that there are sufficient staff members that accompany the students on the date of the visit.
  • Kindly write to 2 weeks before the date of your visit for interactive sessions and informative guided tours. In case of a change in dates or timings please inform the education department beforehand.


    Owing to the International exhibition, a few instructions from our end:

  • Students are only allowed to carry a notebook and a pencil (no pencil cases/pouches, pens or markers).
  • There is no place for eating food inside the museum campus, drinking water facilities are available on the campus. Please do not carry tiffin or water bottles.
  • Facilities

    Baggage Counter

    The Visitors’ Centre has a well-furnished baggage counter for the visitors to store their belongings. Laptop bags, backpacks, large bags, packages, selfie sticks, tripods, umbrellas, and raincoats are not allowed inside the Museum for safety reasons. The baggage counter is a safe place to store these while you enjoy your visit.

    Lost & Found

    Found objects may be deposited at the Museum office on the First Floor of the Heritage Building. Those searching for lost objects may check at the Museum office for the same.

    Visitors must take care of their personal belongings. The Museum is not responsible for loss of their belongings.

    First aid

    First aid kits are available at the Museum for any emergency care. If required, visitors can seek assistance from museum personnel.