The CSMVS Children’s Museum is Mumbai’s first-ever children’s museum and creative centre – a space designed specially to create dynamic and fun educational engagement for the children of the city.

The Children’s Museum is a ‘creative cultural lab’ that encourages discovery, innovation and creativity. We provide holistic learning experiences that are relevant to children – their learning needs, enjoyment expectations and life aspirations through vibrant exhibits, programmes, workshops and activities. Through this open and free space, we strive to nurture a creative, exploratory and balanced environment for children while providing the joys of childhood.

Our Spaces

Spread over an area of about 10,000 square feet, the Children’s Museum includes a 1200 sq. ft. exhibition hall, a 150-seater amphitheatre, an activity plaza, an open terrace deck, an ‘adda’-like space around a Baobab tree (approximately 95-years old), set in the heart of lush environs that include a gardening patch and a mock excavation trench.

Our Objectives

  • Creating a space that relinquishes ownership to children to create and explore what they wish to learn.
  • Curating exhibits from the Museum collection that encourage curiosity and motivate learning.
  • Creating object- and enquiry-based learning programmes using a highly hands-on and interactive approach.
  • Maintaining a healthy balance of objects complemented by digital interactives to create relevance.
  • Introducing interdisciplinary creative experiences and meaningful play.
  • Creating meaningful and sustained engagement with the arts through activities, programmes
  • Actively encouraging collaborations with like-minded institutions in Mumbai, India and the World to offer the best arts and educational encounters for children.
  • Promoting conversations with communities and groups that work with young people and addresses their learning issues in order to remain updated about the changing needs of our young visitors.


Sustained Enrichment Programme (SEP)

Sustained Enrichment Programme (SEP) is a collaborative attempt between the Museum and schools or educational institutions to support students by conducting regular enrichment programmes that are relevant to their curriculum. Through a set of 8 workshops, the Museum facilitates deeper engagement with curriculum in a hands-on manner. These workshops are formalised in consultation with the school teachers and are aimed at children’s cross-curricular development.

How to initiate an SEP

SEPs can be conducted through the course of the year and can be started at any time, although beginning of the year is preferred. Educators can get in touch with the Education team to plan out the programme.

Teachers’ Training

Teachers and educators can avail special interactive sessions with the Museum’s Education team on a range of topics that can help educators offer an enriching experience to the students. These sessions include presentations and discussions followed by creative exercises.

Booking Information:

Teacher’s session can be booked in advance. Teacher sessions can be customised to specific teaching needs. Sessions are also provided for B.Ed. college groups. For enquiries, contact us at