The CSMVS is a museum for the people and by the people. It is proud to be supported by the people of Mumbai, India and the world. A brainchild of its Director-General Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the adoption schemes have been created to garner support for the Museum in a unique way where citizens can come forward and adopt a Treasure, a Masterpiece or an Antiquity from the Museum’s rich multi-cultural collection of over 70,000 objects. Please refer to the attached illustrated brochures for details on three categories of exhibits that can be adopted:

Here we have selected 50 treasures from this great repository, which occupy a unique place in the history of India and Indian art and its connections with the world. Each object represents either a key moment in history or is an excellent example of craftsmanship.

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These masterpieces evidence Indian history not simply as a history of war and invasions but as a history of cultural advancement, ideological revolution, intercultural dialogue, and of very constructive enterprises that have given Indian culture its distinct identity.

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The history of how the collection of over 70,000 artefacts of the CSMVS was built is interesting as well. With donations from some of these collectors and via purchases, the CSMVS Museum’s repository was built over time. These collections need to be looked after today with the continued support of its citizens.

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Individuals or collectives also have the opportunity to adopt any of the Museum’s 8 major galleries for a period of 3 years.


The Benefits of Adoption

An Opportunity to Give and Be Rewarded
The Benefactor’s name will be placed beside the object on display, and added to the patron’s acknowledgement panel at the main entrance of the Museum and our website (subject to the Benefactor’s consent).
Adoption can also be dedicated to or in remembrance of a family member or an eminent person. This could be a unique gift to one’s child, spouse, parents or institution.
The Benefactor will be presented with a framed image of the object and a personalised letter of thanks from the Chairman and Board of Trustees.
A digital high-resolution image of the object will be provided on request for research and print purposes (image and object copyright will remain with CSMVS).
A special edition of the Museum Newsletter, which witnesses a large audience, will prominently feature the benefactor and their contribution.

The Impact Contributions Will Have
The collected funds will be used for the maintenance of our collections, their storage, as well as for the essential functions of conservation, climate control, and security.
We value your help in preserving our heritage for future generations. It is imperative that the art, heritage, and culture we take pride in, is safeguarded with the hope that it sustains as a formidable legacy for future generations.
Cheques may be drawn in favour of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS), for the purposes of adoption/donation. If required, details of the Museum’s bank account can be shared with potential donors for online transactions. Please note that contributions to the Museum can avail a tax benefit under 80 (G).

To do so, please contact us at