Azam Shah Returning from Bird-Shooting


Azam Shah Returning from Bird-Shooting



A uniformly grey background, the scene is laid in a vast expanse at the foot of the Golconda Fort, which is painted on the top left. Even though seen from a long distance, its architecture and surroundings are very well defined in the painting. The rest of the painting creates a subtle romantic mood. Azam Shah, the son of Aurangzeb, is enjoying some light moments, as earlier in the day he had gone for bird shooting with an entourage of women. On his way back he is proceeding with them to a pleasure garden where his beloved Chandap is awaiting him.

The foreground of the painting is a pleasure grove, where Chandap, identified by an inscription, is reclining on a couch, entertained by her companions and maids. She is listening to the Veena, while her companions offer her drink and pan. Another inscription identifies Chand Bano ‘Mushtaq’ who is comfortably leaning against a tree, eagerly waiting for somebody. A group of ladies is sitting behind the Veena player while two ladies are enjoying their swim in the lake which is connected with a small canal. The sound created by Azam Shah’s jubilant party arriving there, has probably drawn the attention of one woman who looks behind in that direction. The female figures are drawn with easy flow of line of the Golconda artist. Instead of highly contrasting colours of the costumes, these women are distinguished by their big bright eyes and beautiful well-proportioned figures.

Sir Akbar Haydari Collection.


Indian Miniature Paintings

Object Type

Cloth Painting


Painting on cloth






Mid 17th century CE




121 x 83 cms.