Bottle with a long neck


Bottle with a long neck



The well-potted body of globular shape rises to an elegant flaring neck, the exterior glazed a dark red stopping short of the white glazed rim and the neat foot.
Jihong or “sacrificial red” is a glaze associated with the annual rites of worship performed by the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Porcelain vessels associated with these annual worships were glazed in the four colours of blue, yellow, red, and white. According to the Ming dynasty publication Daming huidian (Collected Statues of the Great Ming Dynasty), in the ninth year of Jiajing (1530), sacrificial vessels were to be glazed blue for the Altar of Heaven, yellow for the Altar of the Earth, red for the Altar of the Sun, and white for the Altar of the Moon.
The Qing dynasty emperors revived the Ming tradition of annual sacrifices at these altars in Beijing and vessels continued to be glazed in these colours. The colour of this red glaze is too dark to be a successful attempt, but it is still an imperial piece.

Sir Ratan Tata Art Collection


Chinese Art

Object Type



Porcelain with sacrificial red glaze (jihong)


Qing dynasty




18th century CE


Jingdezhen production, Jiangxi province, China


H: 30.2 cms., Dia: 5.6 cms.