Epitaph engraved on Sarcophagus

SI 105

Epitaph engraved on Sarcophagus

SI 105


This inscription is an epitaph engraved on the sarcophagus which is said to have originally come from Persia but from which part of that country, it is not known. The Sarcophagus is a single rectangular surmounted by a replica of the grave similar to what we find in the cases of the tombs in India. The record is in two parts: the portion comprising only religious texts is inscribed on the four sides of the sarcophagus. The record contains the well-known Quranic Verse on the immortality of the god. This text is executed in ornamental Kufi of an intricate pattern whereby, the shafts of the letters carved in prominent relief with boldness of shape and outline, have been so interwoven forming a motif of beautiful floral design. The other part of record is engraved in relief in plain kufi. It records the third last chapter of Quran followed by an obituary notice of ‘Ali who passed away in the month of Rajab, A.H. 410 (November 1019 CE.).
The entire inscription read as-
i) In the name of God, the compassionate, the Merciful. ‘Everyone that is thereon will pass away; There remaineth but the countenance of the Lord OF Might and Glory. May God’s blessing be upon (His prophet) Muhammad and his descendants.
ii) Say: he is Allah, the One! Allah the eternally Besought of all! He begotten not, nor was begotten. And there is none comparable upto Him.

And (O Lord), forgive your slave who is in need of your mercy, namely Ali, son of Yanan? Son of Isa who died in (the month of) Rajab, year ten and four hundred (Rajab AH 410)



Object Type

Stone Inscription








A.H. 410= 1019 CE




63’’ x 17’’ x 13 ‘’ (inches)