Folio from Shalihotra Sutra

54.59 - F 12

Folio from Shalihotra Sutra

54.59 - F 12


The reverse of Folio 12 from the illustrated folio from the manuscript of Shalihotra Sutra

Pashu Ayurveda is one of the important science in Ancient India. Man has domesticated animals for his own use and also therefore special attention was given for their health and care. There were many text written on the types and health care of animals such as elephant, horses, birds’ etc. Shalihotra Sutra is one such text written by Shalihotra, said to be a native of Gandhara region and lived around 1st century CE. The text is in relation to the types and medical care of horses. Horses have been known for their companionship with humans since ancient times. Kings had a special relationship with his horse.

The Colophon of this manuscript mentions that this manuscript of Shalihotra Sutra is written by Bhagavānadāsa. It is written on Saturday, the fourteenth day of the bright half of the month of Pausha, Samvat 1669 (1726 CE). Vishnudas, son of Sahashriranga has commissioned this manuscript.

There are seventeen chapters in this manuscript. The first chapter deals with the story about the use of horses in battle. The second and third chapters give a description of the different kinds of horses. The fourth chapter talks about the ways to take care of the horse in different seasons. The fifth and the sixth chapter deal with horses’ teeth, as per their age. The seventh chapter teaches how to ride on a horse and control it. The sixteenth chapter describes the ways in which the horse-rider should protect the stable. The remaining chapters contain details about various kinds of Ayurvedic medicines and their usages for good health of horses.

This folio is from the fifth chapter of the manuscript and deals with the size and colour of horses’ teeth. An illustration to the left of the folio depicts a man examining the teeth of a horse. The top left corner of the folio has an inscription that mentions “teeth examination”.


Indian Miniature Paintings

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Water colour on paper






1726 CE