Goddess killing demon Chanda

56.38 F 31

Goddess killing demon Chanda

56.38 F 31


Obverse of Folio 31 from the illustrated manuscript of Devi Mahatmya

The Devi Mahatmya of Markandeya Purana is probably the most popular text copied and illustrated in all parts of India for religious merit as well as for reading and recitation. It contains the myth of the destruction of the all-powerful demon Mahisha and his retinue, by goddess Durga, the embodiment of the energies of all the gods. The goddess takes various forms from fearsome to benign to kill the demons.

The wooden covers of this manuscript record the names of some of the family members of Atmaram Bhukanvala, an old affluent family of Surat. It is likely that the manuscript once belonged to the family.

The text describes the battle between Devi and demon Chanda and Munda. According to the description when demon Chand and Munda tried to injure the Goddess with thousands of arrows and discs, Goddess Kali, showing her terrifying form, laughed loudly, grabbed demon Chanda’s head by his hair and killed him with her powerful sword.

The folio illustrates dashabhuja (ten-armed) goddess bearing different weapons, riding on lion. She is holding the head of demon Chanda in her one hand.


Indian Miniature Paintings

Object Type



Water colour on paper


Western India




Dated samvat 1776=1719 CE




folio 29.5 x 17.2 cms