The Pain of the Rose


The Pain of the Rose



The textile is a part of an exhibition and project titled ‘Resurgence: Stories of an Earthquake, Survival and Art’. It was conceived by artist and curator Carole Douglas for the re-establishment of the textile traditions in Kutch after the devastation caused by the earthquake on 26th January 2001.

Gift of Pheroza Godrej

'My region was like a rose before the earthquake. Then something happened inside the earth and the pressure came up through the roots and stem and into the petals. It disturbed the rose. In the very centre Kutch was celebrating Jan. 26th' our Republic Day and holiday, when the earthquake happened. We were all deeply afraid. The fear spread. The noise was the worst. It was like war and explosions.
Everything was disturbed by this - mosques, temples and houses. All life was affected. People wept because such helplessness was everywhere. Such destruction never seen before in my life time.
In the old city of Bhuj, where my family was living, there was too much damage and still two years later no government help has come. People stayed outside the towns and villages. They slept in the open in the cold nights. It was winter. Some are still in temporary shelters without facility of light and water. They see no good future for themselves. We have moved to a house in Mandvi. I like being close to the sea, the air is good, but the main market for my work is in Bhuj, the business centre.
My work is about the disturbance. My whole family helped to design it. We all had many stories to tell of what we saw and felt. My brother Kasam helped with the work and I have put his initial with mine when I signed the work. At first, we were nervous making the piece. Now we are proud that people in Kutch like it so much and it will be seen in Australia.'


Textiles and Costumes of India


Adam Sangar

Object Type



Ari Embroidery on cotton




Ari Embroidery




Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat


122 x 103cm