Thinking Stories with MET Rishikul


Thinking Stories Six children from grades 7 and 8 have been mentored to curate an exhibition as part of this Think Museum project. The children have created a world of make-believe by using fictional connections between museum objects of their choosing and a virtual exhibition has been designed to present their curation.   Think Museum [...]

Nirūpan_ Animals in Art with St. Xavier’s College


Nirūpan_ Animals in Art Students of the graduate program at St. Xavier’s were mentored to curate an exhibition drawing from a selection of replica objects from the museum’s collection. The students resonated most with themes around animals and their depiction in prehistoric art, and a virtual exhibition has been designed to present their curation.   [...]

Three Dimensions of Divinity


Online Exhibition Walkthrough that celebrates the Thanjavur art form through the collection that was conserved and restored by the CSMVS Art Conservation department. The collection was graciously gifted by the late Ar. Kuldip Singh to the CSMVS   This exhibition has been organised under the aegis of ConservArte: Citi-CSMVS Art Conservation Project


Special Exhibitions Gallery, First floor, Extension Wing, CSMVS

An exhibition of collections from The British Library and CSMVS showcasing to the public for the first time some of the rarest, earliest and most striking photographs and objects of India's rich archaeological heritage, complemented by contemporary photographs that will forge new connections between the past, present and future.

Journeying into the mind’s creativity


Journeying into the mind's creativity A Think Museum Exhibition Twenty children of grade VII from Vissanji Academy created individual 'mini exhibitions' of ideas that matter most to them. To illustrate their ideas, children used museum objects and some new media from the present day. These were put together as one virtual exhibition as stages of [...]

Aboard the Spaceship – An exhibition for children

CSMVS Children's Museum

We may live at different places on the earth but the sky above us is the same. The changing colours of the sky, the phases of the moon, planets and stars that mysteriously appear and disappear have sparked our curiosity. The desire to solve nature’s mysteries right since ancient times has led to many innovations [...]


Coomaraswamy Hall, CSMVS Mumbai

WHEN INDIAN FLOWERS BLOOMED IN DISTANT LANDS Masterworks of Trade Textiles 1250-1850 in the TAPI Collection Textile Masterpieces from India’s Forgotten Past - on View at CSMVS Presenting a spectacular sweep of rare Indian textiles such as stunning chintzes and Kashmir shawls for Europe, heirloom cloths for Indonesia, prized Sarasa fragments for feudal Japan and [...]