The Anvar-i-Suhayli is the Persian translation of the Kalilah-wa-dimnah, which was the Arabic version of the Panchatantra and was created in the imperial atelier of the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the year 1575. It comprises of short chapters followed by fifteen stories with their accompanying illustrations that offer an introductory view of the Anvar-i-Suhayli and bring to mind some of the childhood tales we grew up with. It was donated to the Museum by the family of Mr. Alma Latifi in 1973, this manuscript comprises more than 200 illustrations. This book is published to commemorate the conclusion of the conservation and restoration of this illustrated manuscript. It gives a brief history of the manuscript and a narration of the process by which this illustrated work was conserved. The Bank of America came forward to partner with the CSMVS for the conservation and publication of the Anvar-i-Suhayli under its Global Art Conservation Project.


Vandana Prapanna and Anupam Sah

Publication Details

Hardbound with a flap cover, 60 pages