Cultural Heritage of Mumbai

Cultural Heritage of Mumbai


In 2009, the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, introduced a new scheme called, “Visiting Fellows in Art, Culture and Heritage.” The scheme was later renamed the “Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research”. Dr. M. K. Dhavalikar, an eminent archaeologist, was awarded the prestigious Fellowship to conduct comprehensive investigative research on the subject “Cultural Heritage of a Metropolis –Art and Archaeology of Mumbai”. As the prime cultural and research institute of the city, it has always been a concern for the CSMVS to know and understand the early history and rich diverse cultural heritage of Mumbai. The exhaustive research of Dr. Dhavalikar, for the first time, threw new light on the prehistoric settlement of Mumbai. The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, allowed us (one of the recognised institutes for conducting the Tagore National Fellowship programme) to publish this research study of Dr. M. K. Dhavalikar. The research content now gives scope to students and other researchers of archaeology to conduct future studies.


Dr. M. K. Dhavalikar

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Hardbound, 212 pages