In 2009, a Gallery on Krishna Art was set up with a generous donation from Harsha & Sudha Dehejia. This small publication was published alongside this gallery by the Museum. There is hardly any being, historical or mythological who has so completely pervaded the cultural life of India, as has Krishna the Blue God. This is evident not only from the inexhaustible literature on Krishna bhakti, but even from the equally infinite canvas of art. The Krishna Gallery showcases the varied and numerous art objects and artifacts of this Museum. Miniature paintings, Tanjore glass art, pichhwais, Chola bronzes and many more beautiful art objects are showcased in the gallery. Dr. Harsha V. Dehejia thought it is fit to bring together in one space the vast collection of Krishna art in the Museum to understand Krishna and his Maya. To make the occasion more meaningful to art lovers and students, this richly illustrated catalogue is created with the same title.


Vandana Prapanna and Manisha Nene

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Soft bound, 64 pages