Lost Site of Kahu-jo-daro

Lost Site of Kahu-jo-daro


The Buddhist Stupa at the Kahu-jo-daro was a chance discovery. It was part of a large Buddhist establishment (approximately 12 hectares). The site is in the present-day town of Mirpurkhas in the province of Sindh, Pakistan, and was excavated by British archaeologist Sir Henry Cousens in 1909. The research explores the early history of Sindh and the roots of Buddhism in the Gandhara region as well as its influences on Sindh and other neighbouring regions. An attempt has also been made to understand the impact of several Buddhist sects that were active in this region. The book further reveals the amazing story of its discovery, the possible date, the many instances of its destruction, systematic excavation and finally, an attempt at reconstruction.


Sabyasachi Mukherjee

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Hardbound, 94 pages