Shringara is the rasa or sentiment of love and beauty in Indian poetics. Shringara presents the historical continuity of jewellery forms across time and space, the mystical power of adornment. This book contains few but outstanding pieces of the jewellery from CSMVS. On 23rd February 2020, CSMVS opened a new and permanent gallery dedicated to Indian jewellery for its visitors incorporating Shringar in the main theme. The museum has a significant collection of jewellery, the objects on display include jewellery from the Harappan civilization, beautiful beads from Mauryan and Kushana periods and jewellery discovered in numerous hoards from various locations. The collection also comprises of hair ornaments from different parts of India, a set of traditional Maharashtrian ornaments and carefully crafted replicas of famous Golconda diamonds. The collection is particularly unique with pieces that represent the traditions and preferences of common people. This exhibition became possible with the generous support of the Hemendra Kothari Foundation.


Manisha Nene

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